Wall – Mounted Integrative pool filter

Dolphin Integrative Pipe less filter. The filter integrates the multiple function of filteration, disinfection, vaccume cleaning, Illumination and Whirlpool Massade. The filter eliminates the requirment of balancing tank, buries pipes, plumbing and pump room. The filter body is tough and strong. The filter is easy to clean and install.

Special Features

  • Acrylic Heavy Duty Body
  • Stainless-Steel Hand Rail
  • Transformer and Terminal Box
  • Whirlpool Massage Nozzle
  • Stainless steel LED Light
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • user Friendly operation
Product Technical Characteristics
Model Dolphin-15 Dolphin-35
Material Acrylic shell + fiberglass Acrylic shell + fiberglass
Power 1 HP (0.75KW) 3 HP
Voltage 220V 50 Hz 220V 50 Hz
under-water Light 12V 10W 12V 10W
Filteration capacity 15m3/h 35 m3/h
Filter Media Filter Bag and Skimmer Filter Bag and Skimmer
installation Wall Mounted Wall Mounted
Efficiency 5-15 Micron 5-15 Micron
Colors White White
Code Model Power Filteration capacity Dimention
ADF-01 Dolphin 15 1 H.P / 0.75 Kw 15 m3 / h 110x67x76
ADF-02 Dolphin 35 3 H.P/1.5 Kw 35 m3/h 110x67x76